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Hi all!

I have not forgotten my little site, I have been busy with illnesses and work and holidays. (Given I work in the medical field I do not get the same time off that most people do. But I do what I love. ) but I have news for the site!

All of “As the World Turns” that I own is capped, I will be sorting that soon (and I’m still going through Frequency as well) and come the New Year, we will have a new theme in celebration of Peyton’s role as Ivy on Gotham.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all, keep your eyes peeled for the new theme first!


I have finally been able to add to the gallery again and I have update a couple things for you:

Set tour of Frequency (thanks to Frequency Fansite for the exclusive)
The few caps there are from the Spring 2018 Trailer of Gotham


Now that the winter finale has ended, we were gifted with a snippet of Peyton making her debut as Ivy.

We see her enter an apartment and prowl through her closet, not actually seeing that it’s her but we hear her voice over “You have no idea what’s really going on, Billionaire Boy?” then we see her again, this time she is sitting across from Bruce. He is surprised and realizes the woman in front of him is Ivy. Then she kisses him (which is line crossing given Peyton is in her 30s and the kid playing Bruce is a teenager). Then we hear her say “I’m going to make miracles happen.”

So far that is all we have, I will be screen capping it soon as well as making a Gotham section in the gallery
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Peyton has been on the set of Gotham. We have not seen her as of yet but she has been filming, she is probably being hidden away so they can debut her next year. Special shout out to @GothamBatAndCat for posting the video which had been posted on David Mazouz’s Instagram video.