Hello all,

I don’t know if my posts in the Trek fandom is getting any traffic to this site but if it is, hello and 🖖🏼

Quick run down, Peyton List has no social media so this is the only place for news on her upcoming work…if I can find it lol. I don’t have much time to do a gallery so I focus on her work updates.

About me, I started this site to distract me from the tragic lost of my first child. I needed something to occupy myself so several online friends encouraged me to make this site and gave me their gathered images and the site was born.

I update when I can, as much as I can as it’s hard to find updates on Peyton. Hence my plea to the Trekkies to help send her here. So Peyton if you have found this site, I have a contact form, reach out if you want. Absolutely no pressure, I just want to update your fanbase on where to find you next.

Ok everyone, hope you like the site and thanks for stopping by.

-Admin, Michelle


Unfortunately my previous skins crashed? So I have a basic, basic site layout until I can get another skin (or get our old ones fixed). Sorry about that!


Hi All!

Thanks to the beautiful Kaci Elizabeth, designer of all my themes, we now have a new header for the new year! Sadly there are no new pics but if you’re any sort of a Peyton fan, you know she’s a hermit 😉 (We love you Peyton!)

The gallery will still have one of the older themes because I do enjoy that one but updates to the gallery are still going to be slow to none for now.



Please note that Peyton List does not have any social media. This was confirmed by her and the cast of Frequency when it aired, by her management to me and by Riley Smith once more.

Any Facebook or Instagram claiming otherwise, is an impersonator (which there is). This website itself has never been an official site, nor have I claimed to be Peyton and I do not have any access to her.


Sorry for the long delay, unfortunately during my absence the computer I was about to turn into for running this site…my husband stepped on so I’m working with half a screen. Oops. I have also had a child so that is where my main concern is.

I have, however, NOT abandoned this site. I wish I could be doing more but as I stated, lost the USB with all the data I had left to upload AND now I’m down half a computer screen.

Any updates for the foreseeable future will be on the Twitter page so PLEASE, PLEASE follow the twitter account. You can always check it on the main page, when I have news it immediately posts there.

If I ever get a computer with a full screen and I find that USB I will finish posting what I had left to do.


Peyton is once again playing Poison Ivy, this time in DC’s animated version of Hush. There is a clip retweeted on my twitter.

She is also in a biopic that reunites her with Samuel L. Jackson called Spinning Gold.

Once again, please check the twitter for immediate updates. Eventually my luck with turn around when it comes to computer and I will get somewhere.

Thank you all and keep an eye out!

-Chelle aka the Admin


It may be a work in progress but its my work in progress and I am happy to share it with you all! Welcome to my humble (and first) fansite!

Shout out to:

Jay, the Saint who has held my hand and helped me through this process.
My husband, who likes Peyton as well, who supports me running this site.
To Lisa, who I’ve not spoken with in a while but who helped start this a long time ago. I hope she appreciates this!
To Zara who is my Sister in Arms about Peyton List fansiting.
To the fans of Peyton, enjoy!


Welcome to peyton-list.org!

This is my first fansite, but I have been running Peyton related social media for about two years. I had been assisting with weheartpeytonlist on tumblr. That Peyton site had also been known by fuck yeah, peyton list, peytonlistfans.com and Peyton-List.com.

This site is not official and I do not personally know Peyton (or how to contact her). Now would also be a good time to state that she does not have any official social media.