Colony Gallery Update

Episode 3×10 “Sea Spray” screencaps has been added to the gallery. And! Though we were lead to believe this was the last of Dispatch aka Amy, that is not the …

Colony Update

Peyton has officially made her debut in season three, episode two “The Puzzle Man”. She is simply known as “Dispatcher”, I don’t believe she’s been officially named in series yet. …

Gallery Update

New caps from Gotham 4X14 “Reunion” have been added to the gallery as well as caps from “House of Lies”. Gotham House of Lies

Gotham Gallery Update

I have updated the gallery with screencaps from 4×12 “Pieces of a broken mirror” and I have also changed the gif of the month.

4×13 Still

A new still from Gotham 4×13 You can find it in the gallery under Gotham > Stills

Gotham returns and gallery news

Gotham returns this Thursday, March 1st, on Fox. The gallery will be updated with Gotham caps Saturday mornings/Saturday afternoon at latest, for those wondering when the caps will hit the …

Ivy has bloomed

We have our first footage of Peyton as Ivy in the newest sneak peak. “First I was a seed, then sprout, now I’ve bloomed.” After her rebirth into her “bloom” …