As I apprehensively watched the trailer for Star Trek Picard (and finding it more amazing than I ever thought), a familiar face caught my attention. All I had seen was a glimpse of her profile and I knew it was Peyton and rewound to double check.

She is listed as an unknown Romulan but it has been pointed out, she lacks the Romulan ridge brow, which separates Vulcans from Romulans (amongst other things).

This gives me my greatest wish of having her on Star Trek, so I waited on baited breath to 2020 where it debuts on CBS All Access.

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  1. Keith says:

    Not all Romulans have the forehead ridges. The Original Series ones didn’t-though a number of them wore helmets that concealed the foreheads. Also, Nero and his followers in the reboot movie had smooth foreheads. Plus when Spock went undercover on Romulus in TNG, he didn’t stand out.

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